EHarmony review and everything you need to know about online dating!

Online dating industry is such a huge part of our life right now. We couldn’t even imagine how we lived before its launching. So many couples met each other online, so many people got acquainted with creative users. This number is so huge, but at the same time, there are still people who neglect this online possibility. So, here in this short and informative review you will get all the recommendations about how to start online communication and about the most popular site that is called EHarmony.

Our thoughts about EHarmony

EHarmony is a website that simplifies your searching results and minimizes them. Usually, when a user registers an account on a dating platform, he/she is just scrolling pages and pages of pretty users, but couldn’t specify needed criteria and just randomly review profiles. EHarmony login has totally different approach; you will be offered only a short list of members whom you will be interested in.

The site is functioning since 2000 and during this period it recommended itself as a safe and secure place for meaningful relations. People usually sign up if they are searching for long term relations. Of course, you may find users that registered just for fun, but this percentage is minimal.

One more cool fact is that this site was created by clinical psychologist. And who knows more about relations and ideal matches than professionals. This factor influenced lots of lives, 15 million matches are made daily only on this resource.

Most of comments and love stories prove that this site functions. However, does EHarmony work in reality? We will answer this question later in the article.

Eharmony registration

Registration and EHarmony login

Every registration is rather standard procedure which you should definitely follow. Here are two options for every member to sign up via your email address or Facebook account. The last one is of course easier only one button and you can start chatting with users. However, there isn’t anything difficult with email registration and Eharmony login, because there is no need in email verification.

Together with your email address, you should choose your gender, the gender of your future partner and password. After this answer several questions about yourself and about your ideal partner and you can start your communication. The standard time for this procedure is 10 minutes, but is may be quicker or slower depending on your case and circumstances.

Maybe you start thinking: “Ten minutes … wow, it’s a lot”. Yes, you are right, but site gathers all the important information about your personal preference and simplify your search in future.

And of course, don’t forget to add your coolest photo during EHarmony sign in.

What options for communications are available on the site?

As understandable from above mentioned information, you will be offered users due to your mentioned criteria. So, no need to bother about this process, but if the list of candidates is too long, you may narrow it. Just sort all the offered members by age or location. One may say it is rather limited feature of search, but it was chosen for the higher effectiveness of online matches.

Unfortunately, this site has very few chatting options, so be prepared for this. Furthermore, free members have access only to 5 generated questions and you may send them to other, but you couldn’t send your personal texts. Except of this you may also send winks or add members to the list of your favorites.

Messaging option is offered only for paid member, but don’t forget about EHarmony discount codes and EHarmony promo codes.

Something about the quality of profiles

To begin with, you will get access only to those profiles that match your criteria and others will be closed for you. If you think that forgot to mention something really important in you criteria, you may easily add them or update.

When speaking about the quality of the profile, they are on the highest possible level. A detailed description of the candidate, lots of high quality photos can make the process of communication easier. You can check everything you need even prior chatting with the chosen person. Please, don’t neglect this possibility and learn as much as your could about the person.

The best feature that everyone can check is compatibility tab. There you will find real percentage of your match with a chosen person. The criteria are various and vary detailed, they include: emotional intimacy, values of relations, intellect, social values, romance, physical intimacy and lots of more.

Also, users can check tests that a chosen candidate has passed, but it is possible only if you share your answers as well. Check the replies of a user and learn about him/her more than ever. It is not a required option, so you may skip it.

EHarmony app

When talking about EHarmony app is a simple and laconic as well as PC version. There are no this tiring ads and only needed features. Anyone can easily download this app for iOS or Android. Moreover this app is free and you won’t waste your money, all the options that were available on a desktop version are now on your Smartphone. It is the easiest way to contact users even on-the-go. With this version you definitely won’t miss anything important and will reply easier.

EHarmony costs for a premium membership is the same on both versions. So, you will hardly notice any huge difference.

Users’ comments about EHarmony customer service

“This website greatly helped me when I needed this kind of assistance. After a serious break up with my boyfriend, only support from other users changed my state of mind. Definitely recommend this site for all who are planning to search for meaningful relations…” Linda, 35

“Life is so unpredictable and you can never know where happiness is waiting for you. So, just use all the chances that are offered to you and EHarmony free trail is that step which you should better try. This website is so easy and the navigation in an app is just awesome. Personally, I met several good friends there and even found my love. When answering the most burning question: does EHarmony work? I will answer: yes, for sure. It is the best place with the best members ever…” Jim, 43

Eharmony price

EHarmony costs

It is a paid resource and that’s pretty clear, but you can also use some services for free of charge. So, if you don’t want to spend money right now we are going to mention some of the free options in this EHarmony review. Just go on reading the article.

First steps on the platform is totally free, they are signing up and profile creation. Also, you can view users’ profiles, send winks, add users to your favorite list and more.

Now let’s talk about the EHarmony prices. The longer is the duration of your membership the less money you will spend a month. For instance, a month in 24 months’ membership will cost you only 17.97$ while the same period of time but during the shorter membership will cost 34.97$. There three available types of memberships: Extra, Lite and Plus. Simply choose what works to you and start searching for your love.

When comparing EHarmony prices with other dating sites, they are rather reasonable. Hope this EHarmony reviews’ information was helpful and you finally decide what works for you better.

Peculiar features on this site

May be the only disadvantage in this EHarmony review will be about available features. Generally, such paragraph includes lots of options and it is even hard to discuss everything. However, this is totally different situation. And here is one major explanation to it – the less options you have the more time you will spend chatting with users and planning real life, but not bothering about such a huge variability of services. The point of views may be different on this topic, so let’s start.

Send a smile – it is like a small indication of appreciations. Under every photo, you can see this icon and send to the person you like. It’s rather special and practical feature for initial interaction with a person.

Add to the list of your favorites – it is no longer a new option, but still rather convenient. Simply enter your list and you don’t need to search this person any more. It is just a convenient function that simplifies your chatting with your favorites.

Send questions – it is a free option for any user. You will be offered to choose among several available options and send them to anybody in an unlimited number. It is a good variant to start interacting with anybody, it may be considered as EHarmony free trial.

What if? With this option, you will be given 30 more matches which don’t fit your initial criteria. More variant, more chances that you will find your ideal partner whom you haven’t even thought about.


EHarmony customer service functions every day to help lonely people around the world with their love search. This site does everything for the client, improves features, offer EHarmony promo codes or EHarmony discount codes. The service was designed for clients’ comfort and due to users’ needs. So, everything is thoughtfully made and the prices are rather reasonable. Just register your account and try all these cool features. Your love is waiting for your online!