Mingle2 review and some important facts about online dating

Here in this article, you will get to know about online dating and the most popular platform that is called Mingle2.com. Nowadays it can be really hard to choose the right platform for online communication and acquaintance. That’s why, every recommendation on this topic is rather helpful. There are several criteria; you should pay attention to when signing up on any website: security, spending and variability of features. So, let’s deeply discuss Mingle2.com. Hope that you will make your mind about this site just by reviewing the article.

Our ideas about Mingle2

To begin with, Mingle2 dating site is the best choice because you can use it for free. Most of online platforms for communication have expensive month’s memberships. Otherwise, there won’t be any chance to contact the users. However, with Mingle2 sign up, it is totally different story. It is a free site which was launched in 2008 and the first name was JustSayHi. Since the time of launching, it has greatly changed and improved. Moreover, the communality of the platform is constantly increasing.

As for the signing up process, it is the quickest and there are no hundreds of useless steps. No difficult tiring tests for finding out more intimate information about every user. Interface of Mingle2 dating site is users’ friendly and extremely simple. So, everyone can register and start using this site without any difficulties.

Mingle2 registration

Mingle2 signing up process

After pressing orange button “Join Now”, you will see several important fields such as: email, date of birth, your gender, the gender of a partner you are looking for, country and zip code. This is rather standard basic info that every dating platform will require for registration. Generally, the average time for Mingle2 signing up is no more than 30 seconds.

So, no personal tests and long list of criteria will be waiting for you on this site. Also, you may sign up with your Facebook account as well as with an email address. Just choose the best variant for your case. Moreover, during the registration you will be required to add only one picture, other photos may be added later or not at all.

Because of this quick procedure, there is one drawback. Anyone can create a faked account. So, no email verification more chances of scammers. Nevertheless, these cases are rare on Mingle2 dating site.

How to communicate with users on website Mingle2?

The best thing about Mingle2 dating is unlimited access to communication with anybody on the site. Any communication starts from Mingle2 search button. You as a member will be offered the best suitable variant for your case. However, if you aren’t delighted with those match results, you can easily conduct your own Mingle2 search manually. Usually, dating sites offer automatic match or manual search, but rarely both variants are available. So, use whatever you think is appropriate for you at this moment and enjoy only cool matches on the platform.

Any activity in your profile will be saved and you could check it out. For instance, you may monitor those members that viewed your account, if you were added to the friends’ list or to the list of favorites’. It may be rather helpful information for you. Don’t you agree with this? As, you’ve probably noticed Mingle2 chatting is rather simple and almost intuitive. Unfortunately, there exists some limitations for free members while they are Mingle2 chatting. You may ask: what are they? There are limits in the first-contact with the users. However, if you are already chatting with this person, your communication cannot be limited by anything.

The quality of users’ profiles

Of course, the quality of the profiles is different because of the variability of users’ preferences. That’s why, there are those who concentrate more on the photo content and those who orients on the info in the profile. The number of added photos is unlimited. So, you can see rather creative accounts with lots of information in them. However, it doesn’t mean that a person who has less info or no photos isn’t searching for relations. We are so variable that shy people are just afraid to leave their private info in the profile. Be ready for this!

Every profile displays the list of friends and such lists are available if there are some users in it. Moreover, you have no restrictions of viewing profiles and photos because they are available on Mingle2 dating site free of charge. It is rather cool option, because most of sites try to get money out of view as well.

Furthermore, all the information can be modified and added whenever you would like, it is not required to do during registration.

Mingle2 App

Mingle2 App offers all the same options as a usual PC version of the site. Just download a free app and Mingle2 login. As any application, it is much user friendly and simpler than a PC version of the site.

If you are bothered about constant notifications that you can receive, it isn’t a trouble at all. You may enable all the notifications including: messages, matches or requests for friendship.

The only thing that may disturb is this constant advertisement. However, they are not only in Mingle2 dating app but on the other version as well.

Real comments from the site’s members

“Mingle2 sign in was really quick and simple. No tiring questionnaires, tests and email verification are required for this process. I simply enjoyed my chatting with pretty girls and didn’t have any troubles. So, definitely recommend this recourse to everyone…” James, 23 “Mingle2 dating app is just awesome! I am using it all the time and had only the best experience. The thing that amazed me the most is free access to all the services and features. You can check any profile, add users to the list of your favorites and do lots of more. The only disadvantage is the number of the site’s ads, but I’m not complaining, because I am using this site and app for free…” John, 35

Mingle2 price

Prices on this dating site

The longest list of features is offered for free, but if you want to get more exclusive options you may purchase a paid membership. Let’s start from options that are available for paid users, they are such as: check those users that liked you, check other profiles and stay invisible, check if your text is read, your profile will be higher in the match list and your messages will stay forever on the site (free members’ texts are deleted each month).

Now after reviewing the services which are paid, let’s preside to the prices on Mingle2 dating site. The prices for MinglePlus membership are less if you purchase it for a longer period of time. So, the cheapest account is 5.95$ per month if you buy a year membership and the most expensive is 9.95$ for the same period if you purchase it only for 3 months.

Mingle2 and it’s major features

As statistics shows, users of Mingle2 dating are usually searching for the members manually. People just like to control process of search themselves. However, there is still an option of mutual match and let’s discuss it in the Mingle2 review.

Match – is a feature that offers usually random members to you. During reviewing profiles in a random match you may react on them in three possible variants: yes, I am interested, No or Maybe. Also, you will receive a notification if the person liked you back.

Nevertheless, generally it is just a fun option for Mingle2 dating site free communication. So, you don’t need to wait for the other user’s reply in order to chat with him/her.


Mingle2 login can become a decisive choice for you. You may meet you love there just by signing up and contacting people you really like, not only due to the physical characteristics, but also because of real character traits.

This site has a lot of free options and you can totally use it without spending any money for communication. Moreover, the process of registration is simple and you don’t need to specify Mingle2 cell phone number or any detailed info.

The thing that may disappoint you is Mingle2 scams. Don’t afraid, they are not extremely frequent, but due to simplified process of sign up, there are no restrictions and anybody can use this dating platform. To minimize the risks of Mingle2 scammers’ interaction, you should become a little bit more suspicious. Please, don’t send any money or share too much of the private info with the users you hardly know. Even if you think this person is just an ideal and he/she couldn’t be Mingle 2 scammer, such possibility always exists.

To cut a long story short, all the benefits definitely overweight some minor disadvantages. Other dating websites also cannot guarantee you scam free place for chatting, so don’t believe in this loud ads that somewhere you can have such a possibility.

So, good luck with your online acquaintances and don’t miss your online love!